Microsoft Azure

Technology is on the move

Migration to the cloud is happening now and it’s happening fast. More and more businesses are deciding not to renew the old office server with a new one, they are now moving towards purchasing a virtual server in the cloud. With virtual backup devices, virtual databases and much more, your current back office environment can be reproduced in the cloud….within minutes.


What is a virtual server & environment?

Rather than purchasing a physical server that you can physically see, a company purchases a small portion of a very large server owned by a large corporation, in this case Microsoft via a product called Azure. You rent this ‘slice’ of the large server to perform tasks that your physical server would do, such as email, file storage & backups.

Where will my virtual server live?

Traditionally a company’s server would live within a server room within your business. Using the Microsoft Azure platform, your virtual server or server are located within the Microsoft cloud at a local Microsoft datacentre. Using your internet connection your company connects to the virtual environment and there you have it. Simple!


How do I move my business into the cloud?

We can assist. We provide a full “lift and shift” service for businesses who want to modernise and streamline their business. Even old legacy systems can be migrated with ease leaving you with a sturdy and secure platform within the Azure cloud. Contact us and start enjoying the flexibility of the Microsoft cloud.

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